Sunny Side Up ~ A Positive Note of Aging

There are times I walk past reflective walls, doors or even mirrors and catch a glimpse of a familiar person. Yes, this person is me but that is not who I think of in that moment. I see my mom.

Throughout the years people have told my mom and I that we look alike. Yet, mom kept saying that she does not think so and that I do not look particularly like one family member. She says that I got a bit of everyone in me. Still, even on the phone people continue to confuse us.

As time goes by, I look more like mom with each year. Similar haircuts certainly add to this effect along with my evolving mannerisms and the actual fact of growing up. Although being a woman usually means having to do everything to put off the aging as long as possible, I do not mind it that much. Living away from my parents’ house and missing my mom very much, makes an ability to look in the mirror and see her face an amazing thing to have.

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