Wonderland Moves to a T-Shirt

A few years after developing a swirly dream-like style of painting, it's still my favorite way to create images. It transfers over to digital painting, 3D art, photography and even clothes now. Most ideas begin with cirlces and subtle irregularities in the line where I see an animal, a plant, a symbol or something else.

This particular design was inspired by music which is why there are dancing lines and colors involved. It was my own relation to music that lead to only a few vibrant bursts of color. When I listen to music, the beat leads the energy level but the few elements that sneak up and surprise really make a track special.

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Having Discussions with Ourselves, Artistically

While reading "Quirk: Brain Science Makes Sense of Your Peculiar Personality," by Hannah Holmes, I came across the Artistic Interests chapter. Naturally it was very interesting to me, since artistic and creative drives have always been important elements in my life.

The author writes about the evolution of artistis interests: As kids, "we were young animals overflowing with want. We were chimpanzees holding out our hands. "The arts," as we practiced them, were a way to converse with our brains about the yearning." The yearning here refers to the desire to express ourselves but struggling to do so effectively. 

It makes sense then, that artistic interest goes hand in hand with creativity, because when you have an overflow of ideas, you really want to express them instead of holding them all in!

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Blog Readability Without Titles

How is the readability of a blog without titles? Difficult.

When you see a home page of a blog with a list of postings that have pictures and summaries but no titles, it's hard to know if or where you want to click though. If you have to invest the time to read the summary for each post, your clicker finger just might get antsy. Yet the cursor is likely to go off in search for easily digestible and better organized food for your mind.

Note: Do use titles and subtitles in writing pieces. They keep the reader interested or let them know to go elsewhere quickly.

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Social Media Cross Posting Web Of Interconnections

Yes, it can be as confusing as it sounds! Still working this one out with Tumblr, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Posterous. A couple of tripple postings later, checking on the Posterous connectivity to the rest of the personal web. And here goes...

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