Coconut M&M's and Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M's

After a couple of weeks, many store visits, and even more odd looks from store employees, I found the two new flavors of M&M's candy. Lucky for me, they were both in the same 7-Eleven store. The scene was rather interesting as I was very excited and took 3 of each kind for purchase. With a huge smile on my face, I said to the man at the register: "This is so great! I finally found these. No other store I have been to had these!" I get a puzzled look. He examines the candy bags: "Oh, that's cool, we have these...." Well, I hope he tasted them at some point because they are yummy.

Coconut M&M's
The Coconut M&M's have a pleasant Coconut butter essence. The chocolate is certainly up to the M&M's standard. The design of the package is fresh and new. These candies give a relaxing feeling with a hint of Hawaiian beach. Good stuff!

Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M's
A peanut butter center is deliciously rich but not too heavy. The strawberry flavor gives peanut butter and chocolate just the right balance. I found that the sugar coating of these was thinner and mimicked the softness of the PB&J's experience!


Chew with Glee and Satisfaction

Given my, sometimes obsessive, hobby of searching for yummy things I have not seen before,
I was bound to notice Glee Gum, near a checkout counter. The first time I saw it must have been at a Whole Foods. I thought: "Wow, I have to try this gum made from chicle that was acquired from Sapodilla trees that grow in the rain forests of Central America!" My instant favorite was the Tangerine flavor until I tried Bubblegum.

Glee also makes the only Cinnamon flavor I can tolerate. It is zesty but not too strong. Best of all, there is a Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit. I have no doubt that one of these days I will revisit childhood and make my very own gum. Exciting!


Musical Memories

Red Hot Chili Peppers take me to a number of great memories having to do with one of my dearest friends. In general, familiar songs usually have some significance to me. Each time, I am amazed at the powerful emotions roused by a few songs.
Different types of music can serve various purposes in one's life besides stirring up memories. Rock music can be used to get energized prior to a meeting or a presentation. It can also help soothe anger. Dance music definitely works for energy but more on the aerobic and happy side of things. Classical helps with relaxation and clarity. I have yet to understand the beauty of classical music but I see progress there! I think I would rather learn to play the classics on piano first. I hope after that, the understanding will surely follow.