Time as a Cure

"Tick, tock," said the clock by the mirror, around 3am last night. Thing is, I usually do not hear it reminding me that precious seconds are constantly running into the past. The fact that I had to listen to it with some irritation made me think of the concept of passing time during the day today. Of course, a song's lyrics (by David Guetta) then helped me pin point a specific thought: "Time can wipe the tears away."

Either sadly or on a higher note, time does seem to cure many things. It cannot cure cancer per se, but if a person passes on to a better place, the disease no longer burdens the non-physical part of the person. Lost moments take both happy and sad feelings away. Time mends the pains in one's heart as well. After enough experiences, if a bad feeling comes on, I know to brace myself and wait for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, until it gets easier to breathe. While improvement develops however, it is important to move on with the daily life and to new activities. The process of curing happens faster that way.

Time is also a fierce enemy in the meanwhile. As it sprints by, so many moments and opportunities are gone with it. Stop and smell the roses. How does that quote go exactly? Regardless of correct wording the idea is simple. I pay attention to Buddha's teachings for that as well. One should walk the golden mean while taking note and appreciating every moment of the situation he or she is in. Unfortnately, I still worry about the time lost and would rather focus on the good ability of time to mend and cure. Remembering that the flow of life takes precious moments and puts them behinds us, inspires me to make the most of the rest of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years that are yet to come.

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