Sunny Side Up ~ Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The title phrase is all too familiar. My understanding of how talking relates to actually doing began in the early years. I remember well, when my father said: “You should really think before you speak,” after I had said something out of place. I was getting into his deep blue Moskvish (a Russian car brand) and wondering what his educational remark could mean to me. Much time has passed since that day but I still remember that phrase often.

The significance I derived is close to the lesson behind the phrase: “actions speak louder than words.” Saying something without meaning is mostly useless, in my opinion. While some societies allow empty words as a way of daily life, it does not promote the importance of speech further than the concept of air filled with sound. Speaking about actions that never occur may allow someone to benefit for a short while. It is like making enthusiastic promises in a convincing manner. This seemingly established value, however, will only last until the receiver of the message sees the absence of actions. After all, words do not keep us warm on cold days; neither do they feed us when we are hungry.

It is possible that believing will keep one warm and put off the feeling of hunger. Most have experienced this dedication and belief through a strong infatuation with a new crush. Sure. Yet, having this belief is essential. This belief, however, will fade after continued disappointments. The lesson I learned from my father, I try to practice as often as I can. I greatly respect those who tell the truth and are able to be tactful at the same time. It takes courage to speak one’s mind. I also usually show what I feel by actions. Yet in the society that values words, doing and not speaking results in sometimes uncomfortable misunderstandings.

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