Vanilla ~ Chocolate Treats

Red packages filled with chocolates appeared on the store shelves even earlier this year than the last. The retailers have placed their orders with confection manufacturers and were eager to unpack the boxes. The chocolatiers are certainly happy it is holiday time again with yet another wait until Easter. I guess it is time to embrace the chocolate cravings with a good excuse. Even the healthy eaters appreciate this time of year. An extra piece of a smooth dark chocolaty treat is sure to add some antioxidant benefits.

Now is the perfect time to let your loved one know you would like them to have a sweet sensation in their mouth. The appropriate follow up to delicious chocolates may well be a kiss. You can also let your friends know that you appreciate them in your life. After all, our friends are the ones who lend a helping hand in the time of need or offer a sympathetic ear when you need to vent.

So which will it be? A chocolate covered fortune cookie? A rich truffle? Or a light yet flavorful heart with a cute line?

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